On With It!

So I was spending a good part of the morning here surfing the web looking at other web hosting companies, etc, and I was checking out what they had back at GeoCities? (and let me tell you this, you gotta pay for more and more stuff on the web all the time) and realizing that, in fact, the deal I have here with these people is pretty good, and what am I lookin around for anyway? They even left my site online and everything during the month of January, when I owed them money and couldn’t pay it cuz I was broke. I realized that my time would be better spent updating the site. Which I should try to do daily, but don’t always succeed.

Speaking of which: There will be a “dual-post” today, as I have a mind to shoot the video early this afternoon, capture it and upload early this evening.

I’m also excited because About Schmidt finally came to town (although we’re still waiting for 25th Hour) and the boys said that it was good, I should take a look.

If you’ve been one of the less fortunate who’s heard my bitchings about the on-again, off-again connection I was getting here in my new apartment (is it still new? how long does it stay new?) then I’m glad to report I’m done bitching, it’s fixed. Turns out I had to upgrade the firmware on my router.

Let’s see, let’s see… I watched Friends last night. Phoebe and Joey were trying to set Ross and Rachel up on really bad dates so that they would realize that they “belong together.” Personally, I don’t think you’re gonna see that happen again until the show is over and done with. But who knows for sure, in light of this news.

Couple other small things: I had my first dropping something in the toilet incident here the other day. The cap from the Tums went ker-sploosh, but I washed it with some nice hot water and dish soap, so I think it should be fine.

Oh, then I was watchin CNN the other day, and Larry King was gonna have Bill Clinton on that evening to talk about… whatever. Lots of stuff, probably. I realized that Bill wants to be Jimmy Carter. Real bad.

Last thing, then I’m going out for beer-makin supplies: the return of the poll!

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