And DOWWWNNN the Stretch They Come!!

As we stare down the homestretch of the semester (only 2 weeks to go), I can say this is where I normally panic. For better or worse, not the case this term. Lightening the courseload has proven brilliant, and so long as I kerp the ball firmly in my grasp, I see no reason why things shouldn’t work out. If you have your own stressful classes to worry about, or if you will be tapped out and exhausted by the holiday season, my thoughts are certainly with you.

At this point, though, let me share a couple thoughts for the opening of December:
– The Packers kickt ass on Monday Night. Next week’s game against Philly will be the season’s benchmark; is this the hot-and-cold rabble that lost their first 3 @ Lambeau, or the O-powered juggernaut that’s won six in a row?
– I saw Woody Allen’s Oscar-winning classic, ‘Annie Hall’ @ 2 AM on Monday morning. I don’t want to say that it doesn’t deserve all the accolades it’s received over the years, just that I guess I don’t think
Woody Allen is that funny. Some people do, that’s fine, but here’s my Top 5 Filmmakers Funnier Than Woody Allen:

5 Nick Park
4 Todd Phillips
3 Cameron Crowe
2 John Hughes
1 Mel Brooks

In some sadder news, ‘Willy’ has made his final ride. Those of you who’ve known me well over the last six years know my 1993 Ford Festiva, Willy, accompanied me on many adventures and served as a (usually) reliable automobile to me for 111,000 miles (some of them were Christy’s, while I was on hiatus in Montana). The estimate that I got at Car-X was nearly 1,000 dollars, and just the parts exceed the value of the vehicle. It’s been a helluva car, but it’s all over now. Stay tuned and return to this space in the near near near future for a Photo-Essay? Farewell to Willy.

If I don’t see ya, have a good weekend.

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