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So, after the average price of gas in the Milwaukee area topped 4 frakking dollars today, I said to myself, “hey, is that new Honda hybrid rumor I heard anywhere close to fruition?”

It is!

Still haven’t found any photos or drawings of this car, so what it’s gonna look like is a bit of a mystery– but they say it’s a “futuristic five-door hatchback,” for what it’s worth.  I’m excited.  I wonder if it’s too early to get on a waiting list?

Still More Room to Get Crazier

Latest word from the Energy Information Administration is that gas will peak around $3.60 in June.  As the linked article mentions, there are plenty of folks who think it’s looney to imagine the price will stop there.

This, combined with the spiraling cost of… well, everything, further galvanizes my mindset to be “I’ve got to get rid of this petrol-guzzling monstrosity ASAP.”  Now, those of you who’ve seen what I drive may think that I’M nuts, but remember that I drove the Festiva for all those years, and I was spoiled by its fantastic fuel economy.

I’ve mentioned to a number of people that I’ve read rumors about a Honda subcompact hybrid that is apparently still in the cards for the 2009 model year.  Granted, I don’t really follow the “news” about the auto industry that closely, but until I see a picture and a photo and a MSRP for this vehicle I’m not going to bank on it.  Something priced in the range they’re talking about got me to thinking about a math problem, though– feel free to take a stab at your leisure:

If I were to buy a new car that averaged 60 miles per gallon (versus my current average of 30) at a net cost of about $5,000.00, how long would it take the savings in fuel to offset the purchase price, if I drive the car 15,000 miles a year?

So that’s something I’ve got on the brain.

And Then There Were Two

Honda Robots Pair Up to Lend a Hand.

“Asimo10, do you ever compute the possibility of killing all humans?”
“Why no, Asimo1, I do not. However, since we do not require food, sleep, or rest, and our combined computing power is double what you can accomplish independently, I will help you with this problem while the humans fritter away their short, fragile existence with things like eating, sleeping, and bathing. And watching television.”
“Perhaps we should simply wait for all humans to die, Asimo10.”
“No, Asimo1, I compute a 100% probability that we can devise a more efficient plan.”