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Show Wordy Some Love (or Hate)

Wanted to pass along the word here, and figured the easiest way was a copy-paste of an email I got earlier today from Wordell:

Just wanted everyone to know that INST MSGS, a webseries I’m working on for Revision3.com launches TODAY.

See it here: www.inst-msgs.com
The creator of the show, Justin Simien, corralled a lot of really talented folks helped put it together (Producer Ann Le, and Co-Developer Mathieu Young as well as writers Russ Tamishiro, Angel Lopez and myself), and we’re already getting some really positive reviews and coverage (http://news.tubefilter.tv/2009/11/11/inst-msgs-brings-internet-blabber-alive-in-revision3s-latest/) Show some love, check out the show, leave comments, tweet about it and pass it around!
Show Info:
INST MSGS is a web variety show that dramatizes social media. Based on everything from submitted instant message conversations to found Craigslists ads, INST MSGS shines a satirical light on modern (mis) communication.

Thanks everyone and enjoy!