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Meanwhile, Back At the Hall of Justice…

Came back into town on Tuesday for a brief stop at the office, some laundry, watching The Office, Heroes, and downloading some podcasts for the trip back up north.  Being “off the grid” for a couple days leaves me with a slightly uneasy feeling when I get back and news has broken that I didn’t know about.  But at the same time, it’s very freeing.  I should probably consider turning off the Internet for longer stretches of time.

I thought the Twitter updates worked out well enough.  Over this weekend, I’m going to try to make more use of the full 140 characters available per tweet.  I think it could be an interesting challenge to force that sort of economy on my thoughts.

What else can I tell you?  Ooohh– be on the lookout for Jason’s gift list, an oft-requested feature at this time of year.  It is scheduled to pop in time for all you zany Black Friday shoppers…

Info on New Year’s/birthday events coming soon, too.  If I miss you, have a great Thanksgiving!

We'll Give It Another Shot

I tried Twitter very briefly for a couple days back in May.  It was of virtually absolutely no use to me.  Part of it was, “why the hell would I blog fewer than 140 characters?” and another part was, “If I spend all my time telling people what I’m doing, I won’t get anything done,” and still another part was, “I don’t have all these text messages to burn…”

There are a few changes that have occurred since that caused me to reconsider.  Here in the present, I have a lot more texts at my disposal per month; I’ve switched to a more text-happy plan and can afford to “waste” them on dumb stuff like twitter.  Second, I found a nice Twitter plugin for WordPress, so I don’t have to tell anyone, “hey, go to this other page to find more updates from me,” instead they will all just be aggregated here and posted on a daily basis.  Finally, as I prepare for my annual trek to the Northwoods for the hunt, it dawned on me that I can relay texts from my phone much faster than taking the time to dial up to the web @ Mom and Dad’s, wait for my page to load, write a post, etc., etc…. I think you get it.

Anyway, be on the lookout for the ‘tweets,’ at least while I’m in E.R., and if I suddenly find Twitter to be worthwhile, then hey– I guess I’ll need to upgrade my messaging plan again.