Birth & Death

This is my heading strictly because I’ve waited too damn long since the last update – an error on my part.


So, there was some news over the weekend, and it was very bad. Dave Schrubbe woke me up at 7:30 on a Saturday, and before he said anything, I wondered what the hell I was doing on the phone with him; then he told me. Then I found out. Then I watched CNN for 5 hours until there had been a press conference and the president had spoken, saying that the crew of STS-107 on board the space shuttle Columbia, 16 minutes from touchdown at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, had been lost. The debris from their craft, which burned up on reentry, we came to find out today may have been spread over some 800 miles across the southern United States. I was exhausted and sad by the end of the day, and I felt bad talking to Mom and Dad and Christy on the phone that evening, as I had little to say and not much energy with which to say it.

I felt especially bad because they were celebrating Christy’s birthday before she had to go back to Oshkosh for the new semester. Her b-day is actually today, and now I realize that this update won’t be posted until most of you have either gone to bed lost the opportunity to send her a beer in observation. She’s not old enough to have a beer, anyway. But she’s not a teenager no more!

Well, what happened over the weekend worth mentioning otherwise? I really can’t recall doing much. I cleaned up and did a little shopping. I bought a desk and put it together Saturday evening. Sunday night I shopped for groceries. Yeah, boring weekend.

I did go to a bar with classmate Ben on Friday night to watch basketball. That was fun. Even though the Lakers won. We had some beers, etc.

Oh, and I now realize that my last update was on Thursday during the day. Since that time, I saw two movies: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, which I enjoyed quite a bit, I thought Clooney did fine work in directoral debut. Last night I went to see Adaptation, which may have been the best movie I’ve ever seen.

Today, among other things, I watched Apollo 13. I was chatting a bit with Wordy at the start of it, and I told him that I still tear up when Neil Armstrong first walks on the Moon every damn time I watch that flick. He says the liftoff does the same for him.

Yeah, we’re weenie-ish that way. You got a problem??

There’s a new I&FT (see, they’re hipper now, with an acronym) so you can check that out at your leisure.

Well, g’night, then. Happy Birthday one more time to Christy; love ya, Kid.