New System

I had an enjoyable weekend in the Greater Twin Cities area, hanging out with Schneider, and taking a morning visit over to the Elko house.

Josh and I had a chance on Saturday night to go see Pirate Radio, which I think both of us enjoyed.  Doesn’t change the fact that I don’t really get to watch a lot of movies anymore, though.

And that’s what my new system is all about.  I have had enough of trying to keep up with what is currently available to see in theaters and trying to shoehorn in an occasion to get there.  No, I will admit that most movies I want to see simply won’t be seen.  That being said, I will now queue them up immediately on Netflix and just hope to get around to them eventually.  Does this system make it more likely that I will see all these movies that I show some passing interest in?  Probably.  Eventually.  The biggest difference is having a convenient place to keep a list.

So how about the Packers yesterday?  While a lot of people in the press around the state seem to be gushing all over themselves, I have to remind people that the game was still extremely sloppy (Packers were lucky they were playing the one team that gets penalized almost as much) and it was 3-0 at halftime.  Am I glad they won?  Of course.  Do I think it means anything in the long run?  Of course not.

How was your weekend?

Show Wordy Some Love (or Hate)

Wanted to pass along the word here, and figured the easiest way was a copy-paste of an email I got earlier today from Wordell:

Just wanted everyone to know that INST MSGS, a webseries I’m working on for launches TODAY.

See it here:
The creator of the show, Justin Simien, corralled a lot of really talented folks helped put it together (Producer Ann Le, and Co-Developer Mathieu Young as well as writers Russ Tamishiro, Angel Lopez and myself), and we’re already getting some really positive reviews and coverage ( Show some love, check out the show, leave comments, tweet about it and pass it around!
Show Info:
INST MSGS is a web variety show that dramatizes social media. Based on everything from submitted instant message conversations to found Craigslists ads, INST MSGS shines a satirical light on modern (mis) communication.

Thanks everyone and enjoy!

Tidbits Recently Found On the Internet That Caught My Eye

Been away from the web for a few days– never a bad thing, but it does take a little time to catch up again.  Here a couple nice tidbits, in the order I was attracted to them:

Lots to do today, so not much time to talk, but check out the new photos in Oshkosh, and here are the shots from Michelle’s birthday:

Back In Full Effect & Birthday Excitement

Joe helped me out yesterday to get the blog back online and in your faces.  By the time we finished (it did take a few hours), we were both satisfied that the solution we found to the hosting issue was the best one possible.  Everything seems to be working just swell, but let me know if you notice any problems…

Having the site back up obviously makes it a little easier to whip a post out here and there, so look for an up-tick on that in the next couple days– this morning, I can mention that we had a good time in Milwaukee on Saturday for Michelle’s and our friend Stephanie’s joint birthday parties.  Some photos to come in the next couple days when I get back to the homestead and can load them up.

Today, we are getting ready to head down to Schaumberg, IL for a visit to Ikea.  Tomorrow, we’ll be in Chicago for Michelle’s actual b-day, enjoying some tourist-y stops in the city.  Til then, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Rest Stop

If this issue with getting at my blog drags out for a while, I thought I might as well have a “backup” of sorts on a temporary basis.  This is it.  If things really get out of hand, I do have means of importing my old stuff to a ‘’ blog.  Really don’t want it to get that far, of course.  And now we’re fixed!

Today, Dave and Andrea are getting married in Oshkosh.  Michelle and I will be heading out of SP around noon, as she has a hair appointment just before 2.  The ceremony is at 4:30.  I haven’t been to a wedding in the fall since Sarah and Dan got married 7 years ago.  I can’t believe that was 7 years ago.

Also, look for another Drama Jock’s SportsCast later on today– since I can’t post it to my regular blog, it’ll be another ‘mp3-download’ situation, but I think that those of you who are interested in it are savvy enough to figure out how to do that.

Things to do; catch you later!