I often have to type my password for this site more than once. Today, not. Saved me 3 and a half seconds…

I also got ‘authenticated’ for my new apartment last night. I thought I would be able to start moving stuff over right away, but the landlord had some things to finish up. The dude seems like a really nice, smart, easy-to-get-along-with sorta guy, but y’know, if you were gonna tell me I could get into the apartment early, then for chrissakes let me actually get in there early. If not, no sweat, but then just let me know what’s up…

It seems to me that he is the single owner, administrator, and maintenance person for a lot of properties on that block, so I can understand having a lot on one’s plate. Still, like I was saying above…

So I’m antsy to get that mattress out of the jeep so I can see as I drive down to Milton for the annual mad croquet action happening at 17 W Madison Ave. It’s sure to be a good time, as usual…

Don’t let me forget my camera or my baseball glove. Thanks.


I’m in Door County right now at a conference for work… it’s nice to be outta the office and stuff, but also no complaints about the quality of the material we’re covering; it’s a “leadership” retreat, and I’ve gained some useful knowledge today. Just hoping I can make use of it back in the office.

In other news, it’s good to see the Crew string a couple wins together. If they can just win 9 or 11 more in a row, they’ll be back where they shoulda-woulda-coulda been if they hadn’t suct so much over the past week or so.

Oh, and speaking of that (this is pretty cool), Devin called me and his cousin got drafted by the Brewers.

I’ll be up in MI over the weekend for Joey & April’s wedding. I realized yesterday that I still don’t really have clothes to wear. I’m gonna have to do some emergency shopping when I get back home on Thursday.

Ah crap, bout time for dinner, so I better jet.

Some of This Week's Items

1. I can never date, work with, or be otherwise associated with a person named “Roxanne.” Inevitably, I just start singing the Police song, and then my day is over (you’re doing it right now, aren’t you??).

2. The biggest reason that I was broke most of the time during college is that I was drunk almost constantly.

3. On Wednesday afternoon, the very fact that several high school classmates of mine (Lorch, Savel, and Knitt included) are or soon will be married had me in stitches. STITCHES, I TELL YOU..!

4. If you’ve looked at the link on my front page about saving the Internet and read up a little on Net Neutrality, I just got a message that the House is voting on the vital bill next week. Follow this link to find the contact info for your Congressman, then get in touch and ask them to vote “no” on the COPE telecommunications law if it doesn’t protect Net Neutrality.

Have a good weekend; if you’re at David’s grad party, I’ll see you there…