One Spare Lonesome Ticket

A week from today, I will be pulling in to the parking lot at Miller Park to commence with Opening Day festivities.  Would you care to join us?

Dave has one spare ticket, and it’s a nice one.  It’s in the “Field Infield Box” area:

  • Section 125
  • Row 23
  • Seat 13

It’s available for face value ($80).  Great opportunity to join us and have a nice view, if you’re still looking.  Shoot Dave an email if interested: schrubbe at gmail dot com.

Sorry, all – need to clarify on this: the ticket you would be purchasing is a single.  The four of us that are going together are in 2 pairs at the moment, and the extra is in a different part of the ballpark.  I apologize for any confusion.

Storyhill – Shade of the Trees

Michelle and I watched the Storyhill movie, Parallel Lives, last night. It really reminded us how much we miss Montana, and that we haven’t see a Storyhill show in a long time.  Really looking forward to the new album this year, and hope to make it out once, twice, or a few times to catch Chris and John on the release tour.

“Dangerous Weapon” by Storyhill from Tommy Stone on Vimeo.

Shade of the Trees release:
[fergcorp_cdt_single date=”4/20/2010″]

Best… Bobblehead… Ever.

For the 40th anniversary of Brewers baseball in Milwaukee this summer, the team is running a series of bobblehead promotions that recognize the most notable moments in Brewers history for each decade.  Clearly, getting back to the post-season was the gem of the 2000s, so CC Sabathia has a bobble.  And his pose, taken out of context, is hilarious:

For a little perspective, the bobble is supposed to be CC’s celebration upon completing the playoff-clinching game against the Cubs in 2008.  Here’s a pic from that day:


What Steve Jobs Taught Me About Patent Law

If you missed it (and I did when I was mostly off the ‘nets yesterday), Engadget and Gizmodo were reporting on Apple’s lawsuit against HTC, alleging that some 20 Apple patents were violated in countless HTC devices over the last few years.  While this is ostensibly a suit against HTC, it’s pretty clear that what Apple is really going after is Google’s Android operating system for mobile devices.

Engadget (linked above) did a nice job of translating the legalese of the filing, and explained the items actually being cited.  Keep in mind that several of the patents in question were granted in the 1990s, others early in the 2000s, and there is one as recent as February 2.  They include things like, “Object-Oriented Graphic System,” and “System And Method For Managing Power Conditions Within A Digital Camera Device.” The iPhone hit the market in 2007.

Patent law being as confusing, antiquated, and broad as it is in the United States, I’m thinking I should just apply for patents for every sort of technological innovation that I can imagine might be invented during the course of my lifetime.  That way, if any of them ever actually get invented or come into use, I can just sue the person who violated my patent by doing so.  That’ll show ’em.