Numbers Game Redux

The hundred-game mark is in the rearview mirror and the Crew is riding into town on an 8-game tear tonight.  Seemed as good a point as any to look back on my numerical assessment that came after the Boston Massacre, and see how the team is doing.  In case you feel like looking back, I am referring to this post from May 20.  On that day, here are some of the things I said:

You figure 90 victories will still win the division.

Well, things have changed.  I no longer expect 90 to be enough to win the NL Central.  The Cubs are not *as* hot as the Brewers right now, but they’re still in first place, and they weathered a tough stretch without Alfonso Soriano.  Will 90 be enough to get into the post-season?  Still likely.  The biggest shift since the early part of the season has been the Senior Circuit’s balance of power being located squarely in the middle: the top 3 teams in the NL are the Cubs, Brewers, and Cardinals.  Meanwhile, there’s a dogfight (albeit a few games behind) in the East, and a depressing state of affairs in the West.  There are still 60 games to go, but it looks like 2 teams from our division are going to be playing in October.

With their 118 remaining games, the Brewers would have to go 70-48 [to reach 90 wins].

That would be a .593 winning percentage.  Since that May 20 post, the Brewers are winning at a .672 clip (39-19), and, as noted in the Journal this morning, they’ve actually gotten themselves on pace for 94 victories.  I predict there is going to be another lull before the end of the year (probably in August, when 17 of 27 games are on the road), but if they can stabilize, at least split those road games, and come into September around 12-15 games over .500, they’ll be looking good.

What if they split the rest of the road games (which is what you kind of need to do, at a minimum, to be a winning ballclub)?

A 7-0 trip will make anybody’s road record start to shine.  And hey– a win is a win, not matter if you had to come from behind 3 out of 4 times in St. Louis.  Since May 20, the Brewers are 19-11 away from home, and they’ve pulled their road record up to 28-26 overall.  Quite impressive.

It’s shaping up to be a helluva season.  The city is nuts with Brewer fever, and since picking up CC the first week of July, they’ve sold out virtually every game at home.  The writing’s on the wall; it’s post-season or bust, and I think this team’s got tools to make it.

(Probably) The Last Word You'll Read About Brett On This Blog

I can’t take the credit for digging up the column from (that goes to the folks over at the Journal-Sentinel) but it is a helluva read for anyone in Wisconsin (or South Dakota) that might still be emotionally torn about the Favre situation.

They lay it all out in, well… cold, hard, fashion.  It seems to be an aptly named site.  16 years of Brett-filled glory, 1 Super Bowl title, and 2 total appearances in the big game.  They also bring up seasons like 1999, 2005, and 2006.  That hurts.

Anyway, I am far too immersed in the ongoing baseball season to even have football on my radar.  Good luck with the quarterback shat, Green Bay.  Catch you after the bye week.

Yes, I Have Been Taking Some Photographs

There’s been some barking over the last week or so about the lack of new photos (of my apartment, in particular).  Rest assured, I have taken photos and you’ll all have a chance to see them.  First things first, though: a month later, please take a look at the handful of shots from Jen and Joe’s Justin Roth House Concert.  They are in the Milwaukee gallery.

Have to get back to making dinner now– I have plans to go to Mayfair to see Batman, and the show’s on in less than 2 hours.

Chmura: This Year's Freshman Class is SUPER-Hot Packers Should Let Brett Go

Evidence that in today’s day and age, the media will not stop until everyone who could possibly have an opinion about anything has been interviewed and quoted.

Haven’t been here in a few days, thanks to a very, very busy week of work and after-work activities.  A brief re-cap:

  • Michelle’s condo is sold
  • All the “stuff” is out of said condo
  • A/C?  Installed
  • All-Star Game?  First one I watched in YEARS, and it was good!
  • The 80s?  Still rocking like hell, after all these years.

Just Like That, It's the Weekend Again

This was a zippy week.  Work is a complete F-show at this point.  We’ve gotten to the point in the year where processing is SOOO backed up, and people are SOOO far behind, and students are SOOOOOOO pissed about the whole thing, we have little meetings to talk about how far behind we all are and how no one should bug anybody else with anything or we’re going to have to start putting in OT.  Which would be bullshit.

Other than that, I’m just putting some finishing tweaks on my new apartment.  By popular demand, I will shoot up some photos of that sorta stuff in the ensuing week.  I ordered a wall-mount for my LCD monitor to help save space.  I’m trying to get creative with storage and using all the space as best I can.  I think I could have guests over night, but probably not more than 2.  Anyway, you’ll see what I’m talking about…

Here’s another interesting thing– Joe Knitt started himself a blog.  So if you’re interested on the latest from Brookings, SD (and I mean seriously, who isn’t???), check it out.

End of day.  That is all.  See you at the ballpark.