Completely Back Home

Picked up my server from the Mundschau’s house this evening. To you, this transaction is transparent, but to me, it’s nice to have my digital storage facility back “on site.”

But I guess Joe says he wants to set up another computer with IP Cop and a VPN between our houses anyway, so then it won’t make a huge diff.

Most of you probably didn’t grok that.

I’m going to get back to enjoying the fact that my music library is in the closet and then rip some CDs that I bought over the summer. I also have the radio on, for reasons that I will not be blogging until 10/1. Hence, I must press on…

The Last Brewers Post Until the Post-Season

I’m sure you’re as sick of reading my two cents on this topic every few days as I am of the Brewers just refusing to morph back into the team that was here in April and May.

That being said, here is my last word on MLB until October 1: if the Brewers lose tonight and the Cubs win, you can forget the season. A two-game deficit at this point will be insurmountable.

(Sort of) Regularly Scheduled Programming

I’ve had a productive work week so far that I don’t want to jinx or derail. That being said, please take note of the following:

Dad and I did go to the Brewers game on Friday that they lost in fairly unspectacular fashion, but since then, it’s been 4 victories and now they’re back in a tie for first. This pennant race shit is pretty cool.

Grandma has a new kitchen floor. Regardless of what anyone tells you, it is definitely there. I’ve seen it. There are other tangential projects to complete, which surround the floor, but the floor is done.

I’ve started reading The Singularity Is Near, after hearing its title in an AP story that I blogged about a week or so ago. While I seem to share some beliefs/feelings about the future with the author, I am trying to approach it with an objective mindset.

Speaking of blogging other things, Wil Wheaton has a post today about the continuing saga of Internet radio and the RIAA. It’s a good read, and offers some leads links to additional sources of info on this topic.

That is all…

Still Tied

Brewers almost had a big comeback yesterday afternoon, but it wasn’t in the cards.

The division race is still hotly contested, though, and that’s not likely to change for the rest of the season. In fact, I have to get online and buy my playoff tickets in about 40 minutes.

I thought this was a very cool little interview with pitcher Seth McClung, who up til now has spent his career in the Devil Rays organization:
It’s the second heading in ‘Notes’

I’m excited that Mom and Dad are down here this weekend and we’re going to get to watch a couple games (Dad and I are, anyway). This “playoff atmosphere” in the throes of a pennant chase is probably the closest Mom and Dad are going to get to being at a playoff game. Definitely looking forward to it…