Rant, Rant, Rant, Rant & Bitch

A word to the less-than-wise living in America right now: if you are a male, and your hair is long enough to cover your shoulder blades, you need a haircut IMMEDIATELY. You look like an ass. That beard that you haven’t trimmed in four months doesn’t “go with” your hair to complete some sort of “look,” either. Unless the look you’re going for is “ass.”

Some funny/ironic goings on of late:
Back in December 2001, I stole a number of various office supplies from the Residence Life Office where I was working. Two-and-a-half years later, I’ve had to bring some of those supplies to my new office in Financial Aid, because there are none to spare around here.

Probably only funny to my old mates from WRST in Oshkosh: I did a search on Excite for my website (cuz I was bored). I typed in “WRST The 80’s Rewind,” and upon searching, the engine asked me if I meant to type “worst the 80’s rewind.”

I recently logged into an old email account I have through a service in England. I stopped using it because I was being inundated with junk, and no means to control it. Last time I logged in was July, I believe, and since then I had 1,438 emails, not one of them worth anything. But, strangely enough, all of them were still stored on that server. Makes me wonder what sort of storage capacity that account has…

I never really play the lottery, or enter any sweepstakes or anything like that, but if there was a contest where the winner would get fresh coffee beans hand-delivered to their home by Juan Valdez every morning, I would enter in a heartbeat.

And now moving on to some other items of note…
I’ve started asking people what their top three most-watched TV shows are right now. I did this after I realized that mine were all on network TV, and I wanted to know where the people I know line up. I’ve had a lot of coffee today.

Wordy sent me the best thing I’ve ever read earlier this week:

I recommend that if you have the time, you breeze through some of the topics/ideas that Internet “groups” are founded upon. You will either A) find that other people out there share some bizarre opinion/feeling/passion that you have, or B) make yourself feel exceedingly normal.

Something's Gonna Have To Be Done

So I go home from work yesterday, I stopped for gas on the way, so I get to the house about 5-to-5, and I walk in, I sit down. Get up.

Go to the garage, grab a bottle of the cherry wheat Sam Adams that Devin brought over a couple weeks ago, and it wasn’t bad. I guess I don’t like the flavor of cherries as much as I did when I was a kid, or maybe it’s just the cherries and beer that don’t quite get me goin. But it wasn’t bad.

I made a grilled cheese sandwich and a can of soup for dinner. I watched Seinfeld and then Friends on TBS. By the time we were mid-way through Friends, I decided I would drink some whiskey and use up that last can of Sprite in the garage. By the time Friends was over and TNG had started on Spike, I decided I would keep drinking whiskey and help Dave finish that Coke in the fridge.

At 8, I switched over to the State of the Union and had another whiskey & Coke. By 8:30, I was bored, tired, and full of whiskey so I started thinking about going to bed. I realized that was insane, so I played Super Star Wars on the SNES until 9, at which point going to bed didn’t seem *as* insane, so I crawled in, started an X-File?, and fell promptly to sleep at 9:30. I woke
up at 1:00, after Dave was home and doing laundry, but just rolled over.

I dunno, maybe I’m going to have to start drinking some coffee in the evenings when I get home, cuz man, it wasn’t just the booze; I was kinda sleepy even before that. I’m thinkin maybe the time workin @ Charter conditioned me to be ready for sleep near immediately after getting home, and switching back may require a little chemical assistance. I guess I better figure something out pretty godddamn soon, cuz in a week and change, I’m going to be in class at night 3 times a week, that on top of working, so… shit.

In Brief

This is just a quick notice to congratulate the one and only Shane Raatz as the winner of the most recent Movie Quote Derby. I don’t know how he knew it, whether by book or by movie, but For Whom the Bell Tolls apparently escapes everyone else I know.

So hey, yeah, check out the *new* quote and have at ‘er. Today I’m in Waukesha for wings Thursday, and I also went car shopping with Mom and Grandma. Mom really wants to get one of these; personally I think it’s a spectacular idea, provided she can get a good deal on it.

I don’t have time to do it right now, but take a look at/download some pictures from the Mars lander.

Later, skaters.

This is the Top

Hey so I’m back, and the site is going through yet another overhaul. In case you were not aware, in addition to the links you are accustomed to following, you can find the site via www.top-V.net I was going to follow along with the whole Roman theme and express all the numbers on the page Roman-style, but then I realized how many numbers that would be and decided it was crazy.

If you’d like to modify any graphics, pictures, or photos with the new domain name, feel free to send one over.

Things around here are going just splendidly, by the way. I had the opportunity to quit my job at the cable company, thanks to a new and exciting opportunity with an old employer of mine.

Right now, I’m sitting in the dining room, quite comfortably at the table and my laptop, while Dave does not do anything even the least bit loud in the kitchen; although sparks are being sprayed from the metal.

I’m actually in between the two jobs this week, since I’m not able to start @ Financial Aid until after Jan XIX. On Monday, I didn’t get a lot done, since I’d been up early for a few days in a row and I needed a recouping period after the “employment” and whatnot. I also went to a movie on Monday evening, and I recommend taking a look at Big Fish if you have the means and the interest. It’s not “Best Picture” material, but it’s fun, funny, and a general good time. There’s a bloke, I guess, from Vancouver who doesn’t agree, but, y’know, whatever, Canadians & all that (see archived blog from 11.19.02).

Tuesday I had a nice chat with Wordy regarding his latest screenplay, an adaptation of a short story written by Ron Rindo, whose class I’m taking this spring. I thought it was mostly good; I should probably give it another read or two and be more critical. Seems the last time I read an R.D. Wordell screenplay, I had more to say. Eh.

Today I mostly worked on this and realized that I have to stop playing video games completely. I should probably sell off all my video computer entertainment hard/software, not because video games as such are terrible things, but because I am very bad at controlling myself when I “get into” a game. I play them way too much and always give in to the temptation to pick them up again when there are better things for me to be doing.

This laptop keyboard is a lot quieter than the my desktop, sure, but it takes some time to get used to the size and stuff. That and the six inches between the keyboard and the edge of the box.

I am talking very poorly this evening. I have to take some time to make my head turn on right and then I could probably continue. Wow.

Anyway, the rest of this week I’m going to drop by Grandma’s house to visit with her and Mom, then go out for wings later on and write some.

I don’t know if you knew this or not, but *still* no one has guessed this movie quote over here.