Portrait Fail

I got a little excited about taking pictures of myself this week.  If I’m going to learn how to photograph people, I am probably the most willing model that I have access to for the time being.  So, last night, after I finished the Drama Jocks show, I set myself up a little studio around my desk, built a crappy diffuser out of tissue paper and cardboard, and went to work.

I wasn’t nearly as impressed with myself as I had been with the outdoor shots over the weekend.  Maybe I just don’t like the way that I look in photos, or I don’t know how to do lighting, or both, but the shots I took last night didn’t turn out that well.  I might be able to massage a couple of them into usefulness, but I was hoping to do a little better than that.  I guess I’ll just need to keep working at it.

If you were me, and you wanted to take a picture of yourself, ostensibly “at work,” (not necessarily at your job, but doing stuff) where would you do it?  Or, what would you try to photograph yourself “doing”?

2 thoughts on “Portrait Fail”

  1. I liked Lucien’s FB comment about this, that people are their own worst critics. I hope that’s true, or I have self esteem issues . I never like pictures I take of myself but I love seeing other people’s self portraits. That probably means it’s a good opportunity for growth. Blech.

  2. I tend to agree with Robin’s comment Bock. Having had a bleep ton of photos taken of myself and the lady in the past few weeks, I’ve arrived at the conclusion that I am a hideous puffy mouth breather. My fears have been tempered a bit by others who view the same pictures, but yet the self esteem issues remain. For what it’s worth, I thought the photo you posted was just lovely. Manly, yet vulnerable.

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