IMG_0337Firing from the hip since 2002.

Generally, the site has very little to do with Star Wars, Han Solo, Harrison Ford, or the past/future motion picture releases of Disney and Lucasfilm Ltd.  Please follow links to any of these places as needed.

Also, apologies to the band called Solo Shoots First.

Beginning in 2013, this will be the place for me to extemporaneously spout the minutiae of my experiences and struggles with all of my creative endeavors.  I have a lot of hobbies and interests that require me make things up, and sometimes it’s really hard to do that.  At other times, I get going, and feel just about the best that any person on the whole damn planet can feel.  My hope is to deposit some of those feelings here, not just for my own benefit, but maybe for yours, too — you might be wondering what I’m working on, or you might be having similar struggles yourself.

If you’re looking to connect with me on a social or professional level, scope out my about.me page.

Other than that, best of luck to you in all that you do.

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firing from the hip since 2002