Creativity, by God.

Glad to know that it hasn’t left me completely.  I have sat down numerous times in the past couple weeks trying to start a new story about a radio DJ in a small Midwestern town (writin what I know, Jen) and I didn’t really know anything except that that guy would be in it.  I would sit and lament that all the academic drivel I’ve had to produce this semester crippled me somehow and stole my ability to think outside that strict and stiff discourse.  But ah, not the case!

I got something started today, and it felt really nice.  Y’know, I’m finding that it is so much damned easier to write about someplace you’ve been, something you’ve done, some situation you’re familiar with.  There’s a lot less about the environment you have to imagine to life, leaving you only concerned with the lives of the characters and their relations.  It’s nice.

Well, time for me to watch 24 and Smallville now, so that’s where I’m at on that… tomorrow is going to be the Final Video Address of the Semester, so look for that, eh?

If you’re going to be in ER this weekend, see you there!

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