Revelation & Catharsis

Had a busy few days here, and we’ll certainly hit on those topics in today’s update. First, though, the revelations:
1. I could open a small office supply store with the wealth of notebook paper and pens that I own.
2. I could provide towels to a 10-room motel with all the towels and washcloths I own.
3. I could open a soup kitchen with all the cooking equipment I own.

I got up at 5 AM yesterday to go to my local Wally-Wal-Mart? (wow, my computer knows how to spell Wal-Mart) to meet Dave Mohrman and my truckload o’ goods from Wisconsin. Got some much-needed help in bringing everything back to the apartment from my friend Ben. We dropped the stuff off, then I bought him breakfast, came back here around 8:30 and proceeded to unpack/reorganize the crib for the next 15 hours. Boy, is it ever nice to have this stuff again, though. I’m particularly fond of all the cooking equipment (I can have waffles for breakie or dinner whenever I want) and my desk chair. Oh, how I’ve missed my chair… (link points to a chair that is approximately the one I have, not quite exactly.)

So yeah, yesterday I was just workin’ on the house pretty much all day. I also gave the beer bottles that I do have a bath in preparation for the bottling process, which will go down on Saturday. I made a shopping trip in the morning as well, so I guess I didn’t spend quite 15 hours in the unpacking, it was closer to 13.5, since I drove to Belgrade for the few remaining beer bottling supplies I needed (some siphon tube, bottle-filler wand-thingy) and stopped at Home Depot on the way back for a bit o’ lumber (something that I’m quite ashamed of and will never do again — from now on, if I want decent lumber, I go to a lumber yard) and a can of clear spray lacquer.

I did some laundry for the first time in this apt on a day other than Sunday when I washed the towels Mom & Dad sent. I almost forgot about the last load completely, but remembered during the last commercial break of Smallville.

The return of my chair to this bedroom has complicated the sitting process somewhat. Now there is some climbing over the bed involved. It’s either that or push the chair completely out of the bedroom every time I get up.

Monday was kinda busy as I had reading and writing to do for my class this evening, and between doing that and all my procrastinatory activities, I filled up the day reeeeeeeeal fast. Additionally, I took a ride with Ewan & Meredith to Target, and, ummm, damn where else did we go?? Oh: it was Staples. Yeah. See, a steamer got spilled on their keyboard and they needed a new one. Check this out: they’ve got a volume control on the keyboard. I thought that was pretty sweet. Mine is pretty basic; the only thing I was looking for when I bought it was the single-row “Enter” key. If you’ve ever had the type with the big enter key, you know what a pain in the ass that can be, especially if you’re used to one with the narrower version.

You will take not with this here keyboard that the Enter key takes up just one row of the keyboard. It allows the keys above it (“|/” and “Backspace”) to be on separate rows. You get a keyboard like this one, and if you type a LOT (like I or most other web-dependent Americans) you get used to the layout and, even if you don’t practice textbook perfect typing technique, you use most of your fingers and you stop looking at the keyboard. Well, if you suddenly get to using one like pictured at left here (which retails for 10 dollars and whose manufacturer doesn’t even have a website)

it’ll mess up your whole system. If you squint you can see the massive enter key on this board, but look above at the Memorex to dig what I getting at: with the big enter key, the space devoted on the Memorex to the “|/”-key is enveloped by Enter, and they divide the area of the “backspace” key between backspace and “|/”. If you’ve grown accustomed to the normal-sized backspace, and man, you gotta switch over to a mega-Enter keyboard, suddenly you’re typing and you need to backspace, and you get this instead, “\\\…”

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say about that. Check this out: there is actually a video posted in a timely manner this week, on a Wednesday. Here you get a sampling of the shambles I found my apartment in with all the boxes yesterday, and there’s a brief tour of the goods that arrived.

‘Til tomorrow or so then, take it easy.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s only 10:30.

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