Winter has been less than good to my skin. I think my extensive inactivity and daily showering, combined with the general dryness of the season have come together to create some irritating issues, particularly on the backs of my upper arms. I’ve been on a moisturizing soap now for about 2.5 weeks, and that seems to have helped a little; at least they’ve stopped flaking so much, which was gross.
My solution to this problem has been to wear long sleeves when I go out of the house. However, I’m flying to Los Angeles on Thursday, and there will probably be less of a call to wear my winter wardrobe.

I’ll keep you up to date on how this shakes out.


I finished a new draft of Blender over the weekend. If I had to give drafts names in computer software terms, I’d say that the one currently online here is version 1.4. The one I got done with Saturday night is version 2.0. I’ll post it as soon as I give it a read-through start to finish, making sure there’s nothing that needs a real stiff polish (like, with a dust rag, not like a sausage).

Ok, well, things to do, things to do… I think I’ll go pay my rent maybe. It finally stopped snowing.

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