Best… Vacation… YET.

Howdy, howdy, howdy!  So here is my first journal entry for the spring vacation in Los Angeles.  I’ve had a good time the past several days w/ the boys in and around their apartment in Sherman Oaks, which is not really anywhere near the above pictured intersection.  I just thought the photo looked neat.

When I got off the plane on Thursday Wordy and Lorch were at the airport to pick me up.  They brought Wordy’s car, which had just gotten out of the shop after about 10 days worth of repairs following his small accident (rear-ended a woman, crumpled some shit up, but it came back nice and clean).  It wasn’t that long a drive from the airport to the apartment.  I thought for sure it would be longer.

It’s a nice place they’ve got here, kitchen, dining room, living room, 3 bed’s, 2 bath’s… they don’t have a table, though.  Well, they have a coffee table, but no dining room table.  When we went shopping to Ikea (which MS Word knows how to spell; creepy) I suggested that I found one that would fit real nice in that space.  They said they couldn’t afford it.  I said that I just said it would fit, I didn’t say they should buy it.

Wordy bought this chair instead, because his roommates like to do the full-recline on the couch(es).

That Thursday evening, since we were already in Burbank, we went to Best Buy so Wordy could pick up a home theater stereo setup he’d been planning to buy for a while, but decided to put it off until I arrived, so the three of us could set it up.  We spent about 9 hours at Best Buy, and by the time we were getting ready to leave, I had been awake for about 20 hours, so I was quite  prepared to sleep.  Lorch says that we saw this guy while we were in Best Buy, but I said he was crazy.

We ate out that first night as well; we went to In n’ Out Burger, where I had the Double-Double combo, animal style, with a Coke.  It was tasty.

Friday, we set up the stereo, since we were all too tired to do it the evening before.  I had some Cocoa Pebbles for breakfast.  I could kinda go for some right now.  We didn’t do anything particularly exciting on Friday evening, Lorch and Matt and I watched The Rules of Attraction, which I bought at Best Buy the night before.  Wordy wanted to see it too, but he was working kind of late on Friday, and I told him I’d watch it with him again later in the week.

Yesterday, all the men of the house were out at work for some time, so I read Wordy’s latest McCaster Fugnasty short story, which I thought was damn good for a first draft, and I also had some suggestions about things he may do to improve it.  I went with Matt to the used CD store nearby, where I got a copy of Living in Oblivion Volume 1 for six dollars.  Somebody stole that CD from me at WRST a couple years back, so I was glad to get a new (er, uh, used) copy.  Later, Matt and I watched About a Boy, which Wordy bought the other day at Best Buy, and we woulda waited the extra 40 minutes or so to start it after Lorch got home, but I thought he’d seen it already.

After Wordy got home around 10, we went to a bar for a couple little drinks, but again, drowsiness ruled and brought us back before much coin was dropped.

This morning, I woke up about 9:15 and then got in the shower right away.  I wanted to out for breakie, but Matt definitely wanted to sleep in as long as possible, and Lorch had to be gone to some jerk-off-tic meeting at work from 7-9 AM, a meeting which wound up running until 11.  Good thing Wordy and I didn’t wait for him to go to Mel’s Drive-In, where we each had a Denver omlette, although Wordy got his without mushrooms, and when it arrived, he said, “Aw, shit, I was gonna ask for this with cheese,” and I said, “Well then you didn’t really want a Denver omlette, did you?”

Earlier this afternoon, I had Lorch take me to SuperCuts for a haircut, and it was a good thing we went when we did, cuz they were closing in about a half hour.  It cost me 16 with the tip, which I guess isn’t too bad for being LA.  When we got home, I trimmed my beard a lot closer to the skin, and mowed down the cheeks a little.  Back in September I decided I would go for the “Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episode II” look, a look that I never reached and ran out of patience with.  Currently, I’m sporting the “Tom Cruise in Minority Report-plus-a-beard” look, which you could see if I had A) a digital camera or B) a means of capturing a still from the video cam.  Neither one very possible right now.

That pretty much brings you up to speed… I’m going to write a little bit later on this afternoon, and then I’m going to eat something, and then I don’t know what.  Again, the men are working, so… it’s all good, though, something fun will happen.

I probably won’t be writing anything else for a couple more days anyway… Ann (Wordy’s GF) is getting to town on Tuesday, and the next time you hear from me will probably be then at the earliest.

I’m enjoying the KaZaA that I have access to here as well.

Oh, speaking of that: I can’t get my laptop to connect to the web on the boys’ cable modem, so if you have any ideas about that, let me know… I think it might be that they only get one IP, but I tried hooking up straight to the modem and that didn’t work either, so…

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