Lovin' Spoonful

So today I retreated to the comfortable (atmospherically) confines of the basement and got quite a bit “more” done than usual: found some jobs to apply for, sent resume(s), called Joe Scialfa again (and I have an interview tomorrow), but a few items on my list forced me back up the stairs, ’cause my laptop was being a wanker.

Speaking of which, I have to make some calls to and make a stop in Oshkosh in the near future. I mentioned this to Jen the other day, and I punctuated my statements by saying that I couldn’t think of why I needed to go there. I’ll try to stop with the rambling now.

What are my points?
– With this MS Outlook thing I’m doing now, I put more stuff on the electronic “to-do” list, and get more angry that the computer keeps reminding me of all the stuff I’m putting off.
– I can get a feeling of accomplishment from the smallest tasks these days. EXAMPLE: Jen told me when I first moved here that the VCR in the living room “didn’t record,” so I set about to remedy that, but before taking anything apart, I thought it would make sense to double-check and be sure that it was not performing said operation. Turns out it only needed to have the clock set and the channels programmed, took me about 7 minutes, but hey, look at me: I fixed the VCR.
– I’ve had quite enough of the groveling and lying to potential employers that is customary for people in search of employment. I am trying something new in that department, since it can’t possibly put me in a worse situation (unemployed without prospects): I am going to be blunt and honest. I sent a cover letter today that, among other things, pointed out my professional shortcomings, my thoughts on the current job market, and more or less matter-of-factly said I deserved a chance to interview since I know I can do the job. We’ll see what comes of this.

Like I was saying to Wordy earlier today, now that I’m no longer behind such a badass firewall, you should go pick yourself up a cheap webcam so we can do video conferencing… ’nuff’a’this “telephone” crap!

Per request, there will be no further quotes from ‘Reality Bites’ posted on this or any other page at the80srewind.net.

Per my own annoyance, the static loop will not return to this page.

Per Jen’s request, I will be taping 12 episodes of “Charmed” for her this week.

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