Yeah, I know it’s been a while since I got anything done in this space.

I was having a talk with Bryan “the BryGuy”? Siebers recently, while he was at work, (don’t tell anybody) and based solely on his agreement, I reasoned that I could be absolved from any website neglect. We discussed (briefly) how it can be difficult to get motivated/focused when things in life are generally in flux; you get to thinking about more vital or essential things and stuff like websites and whatnot fall to the bottom of your list. Things are slightly less fluxuary now, though.

I got hired at 620 WTMJ this week. I went in yesterday to fill out a buncha paperwork, and tomorrow I have to go and start some training. I’m going to be producing the Saturday morning talk programs, and doing miscellaneous spot production during the week. The pay is small, but the foot is huge: if I do good work in this position, opportunities to do more/move up should come along in time.

That leaves the question about schooling, ’cause I did spend (oh lordy did I *spend*) a year in Montana getting half (or maybe closer to two-fifths) of a Master’s degree in English, and I definitely mean to finish it. Where that happens is still not certain. It almost seems more logical at this point to get signed up, juiced up, keyed up, online, etc, over at UW-Milwaukee. Hell, the campus will even be close to work. Originally, I was planning to go back to Oshkosh, since I know people there (insofar as knowing *who* is there, what they teach, what the program is like, etc) but maybe it would be wiser to stay in town here. I should probably decide on this pretty soon.

Well, in any case, things generally feel a little more “secure” now, no longer being unemployed; I feel like I can take care of the other pressing issues I have to face in the near future. So hey — stay tuned for answers to these and other burning questions:
What will become of Jason’s post-graduate education??
Will Jason ever make/have enough money to get his very own apartment downtown as he’d like??
Is Jason going to get some laundry done today??

Oh, and for good measure, check out the new Interesting & Factual Tale.

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