I finished watching the Packers lose this afternoon and walked upstairs thinking I might reinstall the Sims. I decided not to, and that’s the only reason you’re reading this right now.

Actually, I take that back: in truth, I was tired of having a blog entry even outdated by the Schrubbinator. I opened this bad boy up, I go to archive the old stuff, and I say to myself, “hmm, no need to have an ‘August’ tab in the archive at all…” Yikes. Mini-archive in a serious way.

Speaking of which, Jen’s getting one of these.

So, recently (within the last 24 hours) I took a drive up to Sheboygan county for a party at an old friend’s place, and had a fine time. After that, I got a call from none other than R.C. Lorch, and so continued my journey north to Oshkosh, where we went out for a drink, and after that, I stayed over at Christy’s place. Thanks much to Kerry for inviting me out; I had a great time. Thanks to Lorch for buying me a beer and missing all those bullseye’s on purpose. Thanks Christy for going out to breakie with me.

For his 30th, I took Kerry a compilation CD that I called “three ZERO.” Here’s the playlist:

Stevie Ray Vaughan-Life? by the Drop
Storyhill-Empty? Room
Paul McCartney-Vanilla? Sky
The Smiths-How? Soon Is Now
Counting Crows-A Long December
U2-Stuck? In a Moment
Billy Joel-New? York State of Mind
Pink Floyd-A Great Day for Freedom
Crowded House-Don’t? Dream It’s Over
badly drawn boy-The Shining
Jack Pine Savage-Walts?
John Cougar Mellencamp-Small? Town
Modest Mouse-Cowboy? Dan
Radiohead-I Might Be Wrong
The Dandy Warhols-The? Gospel

I thought it was a pretty good one, the only reason I mention it is that, I *think* it was in an unrelated conversation later that evening with Lorch that Wordy puts lots and lots of thought and effort into making compilations. If you’ve ever gotten one from him, make no mistake that it was very carefully and thoughtfully constructed.

I didn’t used to do that really with mix tapes. I just dumped my 15 or 20 current favorite songs onto a single cassette for use in the car. It was a much grander production last spring when I set out to pare down 14 or so mix tapes to 5 CD’s (I had upgraded my car hardware). No joking, that project took me two weeks. Even a year later, I found myself critiquing the work. (Granted, that was with Wordy, at about 3:30 AM Pacific, after a night spent with 24 of our closest friends from across the pond.)

Anyway, this got me to thinking: I’m sure I know other people that either A) put a LOT of thought into making compilations, or B) certainly wouldn’t need to be prodded much in order to do so. That having been said, how ’bout if you take a look in your musical depository and fish out what you would judge to be the best 15-20 song compilation and send me the list. On or about the Ides of September, I’ll put ’em here on the site. I’m curious to see how similar (and how divergent) our musical tastes might be. Bear in mind, though: we’re not necessarily talking about your Top 20 Songs Ever, but the 20 that play nicest on the same plastic disc.

Also, feel free to send thoughts on Bryan Adams. What’s his deal? Also Scott Adams. And Willard Scott.

If you like hockey and Alias, this is for you.

And finally, no one won the last Movie Quote Derby. Nice and easy to get back in the swing.

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