Now, I didn’t really do that much in cyberspace here all summer long, I’ll grant you that, but it’s not like I never gave the site a passing thought. In fact, there were several occasions when I was either at work, or eating cereal, or sitting at the bar, or making beer, or falling asleep, or waking up, or in the shower, or checking the mail, or buying some milk, or vacuuming, or loading the dishwasher, or balancing my checkbook, or folding laundry, or burning a CD, or changing the sheets, or cleaning my pipe, or driving in the car, or shooing the neighbor’s cat, or working on a computer, or watching Charmed, or worrying about death, or staring at the floor, or drinking coffee, or reading a book, or watching a movie, or walking down the street, or looking at photos, or brushing my teeth, or changing the batteries, or listening to music, or turning up the fan, or smelling my lip, or programming voice dials, or twirling a pen, or grilling some sausage, or reading the newspaper, or ordering pizza, or staring at the wall, or playing with my shoelaces, when I would think of something that was “site-worthy” and interesting enough to expand on in the ol’ blog.

Riddle me this, oh fellow bloggers: what is it in summertime that makes the blogging so much less than a desirable activity?

I wrote down most of the things I wanted to blog on, and so here is a short list, with minimal expandification.

I don’t know who this new agent is for Patricia Heaton, but all of a sudden, that chick is every-damn-where. I can’t seem to turn around without seeing her mug on the telly or hear her voice somewhere, and endorsing that sham of a grocery store from south of the border of all things. Personally, I’m picky about groceries, dammit.

While I have enjoyed the experience both times, I am through buying “grass seats” for concerts. That is, unless, I grow six or eight inches before the next one. It’s just not a good investment for me to pay to *see* a concert and only get a look at the actual stage for about 2% of the show.

Once the state legislature passes this concealed weapon law, maybe the mirrors behind the bar will actually be useful again?

So if you’ve ever been shopping for PDA accessories at an office supply store, you know you can get this “screen covers” that are supposed to prevent scratching from the stylus. A) Why don’t they just design a PDA with a non-scratch surface, B) a non-scratch stylus, or C) quit lying to us about how often you need to change the cover, cuz I’ve had this one on here for 4-and-a-half months now, no problems.

A nice thing about being in the AM recording studio at 4 pm is that Jeopardy is on the TV monitor, and a man can glance up while spots are recording and catch a bit of it. The bummer, though, is that there’s no damn sound, so unless you can read Alex’s lips, you can’t be sure you got the answer right. This has made me the best Jeopardy player ever.

Mapquest betrayed me for the first time this summer. A week later, it did it again.

Meanwhile, the Packers are 1-1, the Vikings are 2-0, and the Bears and Eagles are both 0-2. Bloody hell.

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