This Damn Thing Still Autoformats Every Time I Do This

Y’know how there are some things about computers that don’t ever seem to work no matter how many times you fix them? I hate that. What do I hate more? People who are unwilling to accept that.
“This isn’t working.”
“Well,” Jason says, “Just close the window and try again.
“Now it works.”
“Why didn’t it work before?”
“UUhh…” Jason considers, “Computers hate you?”

Just let it go, y’know? So it didn’t work the first time. Things don’t always work the right way all the time or every time. Can you all just relax?

I’ve been busy with work and started class this week. The week of June 7 (last time I was here) I had to attend and conduct training for students and staff on the university’s new payroll system. That and class has basically been happening non-stop since 6/7. It all went well; I won’t go in to boring details, but I pleased myself with the apparent effectiveness of my instruction. The true test will be yet to come, but…

I finally officially signed a lease for my new apartment, where I’ll be moving on July 1. Based on the conversation I had with the bldg mgr the other day, it sounds like I may be able to get in for the first time even before that. It’s nice that Dave is still going to be living in the same place after I’m gone, so I’m sure moving out won’t be too stressful (in terms of getting a whole apartment emptied, cleaned, etc, at the same time as moving to a new one).

Speaking of which, I’m glad to report that this move is resulting in the disposal of even more of my “stuff,” or, as it tends to be called while moving, my “shit.” I threw out something like 20 old VHS tapes (from TV) that I haven’t watched in years yesterday. I have a box of 25 VHS movies that I’m going to try to sell at a used CD place or something. Unless you want some big bulky tapes with movies on them..?

Over the weekend I need to watch a few movies for my class. The course I’m taking is “cultural studies in film,” and yes, this is still the English department. We don’t just sit around and watch movies, we watch parts of them, try our best to remember the rest, and then talk about the culture that produced them, as well as the culture that they in turn produced. It’s a similar exercise to my J.D. class from MSU (spring 03). So next week, in successive days, the students will be bringing in clips from movies in four principle formulas: the western, the romance, the mystery, and science fiction. I had two of mine (western & sci-fi) chosen immediately, and it only took a quick glance through my box o’ movies at home to decide on the others.
WESTERN: The Wild Bunch
ROMANCE: Chasing Amy
MYSTERY: L.A. Confidential
SCI-FI: Alien
So yeah, over the weekend, I at least have to watch Wild Bunch once or twice, because I haven’t seen it that often, and we have to bring in the western first. So there you have it.

That and some more packing.

TOP V LIST FOR THE DAY: Top V Surprises When I Cleaned/Packed Up Stuff in the Closet
V. I had three banker boxes full of video tapes, not just two
IV. One of the old tapes I found contained the Packers’ last game at County Stadium from 1994
III. Shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes
II. I own enough towels for a 3-person family
I. Carson has been right all this time; wire hangers are terrible for your clothes

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