A blog with that title just can’t start well.

I’ve come to the conclusion that when I don’t have coffee in the morning, it’s very easy for myself and for others to tell. I am more or less usefullless and wordify badly.

I got up and poured myself a cup, although I think this pot’s been close to boilerating for about an hour. It doesn’t taste good. I better check to make sure I turned off the burner.

So yesterday was our last class day for the summer. I think that the course went pretty well. I’m still not *totally* sure of what grade to expect, but I feel like I’ll be between A and AB, if that makes sense. Being in between there kind of sucks, because the difference is a whole half grade point. Having minuses and pluses is better, I think. But I still have to finish writing the paper for the class, and that’s due on Monday at around 6. I do have to work all day on Monday, so I’ll definitely need to finish up the day before. I don’t think it’ll be too difficult.

How do you like this blog format? The thing I enjoy is how simple it is to just log in to the site and post. Of course, some of the fun stuff that the blog used to have (like the movie quote, stuff like that) is gone. I bet you didn’t know that some of the older versions of the80srewind.net are in the Internet archive now. http://www.archive.org But one of the cool things is that if you’re registered on top-v.net, you can post responses to the entries now. So there’s that.

Christy’s coming to town for the weekend, and I also suddenly have a baseball engagement both tonight and tomorrow. These things on top of the paper that needs finishing. Probably means that I’ll drink as little as possible and try to read a bit during the “down” times.

That’s about all I’ve got; I’m going to make like I’m doing stuff.

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