Gosh, I'd Do Anyting Fer da Packers


Didn’t go in to work today, instead took the invite of Jim Droste to join him and Craig Peterson at the Packers stockholder meeting up in Green Bay. I still hadn’t seen the New Lambeau, so I took it as a golden opportunity.

It was pretty neat; getting to hear the report from Mike Sherman and all these other dudes you never hear about. Er, to be honest, most of them were boring, but it was still neat. Got to see the inside of the Resch Center (where the meeting was held) too.

After the “meeting” proper, everyone in attendance took a walk across the street to to the field, and we got to walk down the tunnel, see the stadium from the field, and meet Bob Harlan if we felt like it. It was a lot of waiting in the Sun, but the free ice cream afterwards made it worth it. I think it was about 2 when we left.

But yeah, things observed in Green Bay today:
The Brown County Arena has *GOT* to go. Next to the new Lambeau and the new Resch Center, that place is just an eyesore. Time to bulldoze and do something different.

The ‘Packer Zealots,’ as Jim calls them are certifiable. It’s cool and fun to be a football fan, but for God’s sake: it is JUST FOOTBALL. The assistant GM’s in line waiting to get into the stadium, still debating Tony Mandrich? Get a life, it happened 15 damn years ago.

I am going to finish my book yet this week. Oh, I will finish it.

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