Grades Are Up, and All Is Well

Whoo dog — the apparently perfect planning for Fall 2004 has culminated in decisive victory for The Bocko:
(here was once a picture of my two A’s)

So now that that item is released from my brain, I can focus completely on the holiday season and finalizing plans for the Global New Year’s Extravaganza.

This past weekend I was in MKE for the Admirals-Wolves? tilt @ the B.C. on Friday night. Joe and I sat in the third row off the ice, only 15 bucks, and I thought you really can’t complain about that — pro hockey is pro hockey, even if it is AHL. On Saturday, I helped Joe clean out the garage and put up some Christmas lights before going to a graduation party for one of his co-workers. The party was @ Kelly’s Bleachers in Milwaukee. There were a LOT of jock-looking men there. I mean a LOT. We played darts and Golden Tee w/ Lefty.

In case you were wondering: the Packers still suck, and they’re gonna suck their way into the playoffs, where they will suck adequately to be quickly dispatched from the post-season. The defense is abyssmal, and by ‘abyssmal’ I mean they need to get rid of everybody but Grady Jackson, Nick Barnett, and Darren Sharper. It’s almost depressing that the offense is light-years ahead of the other hosers, cuz that gives us the fans this perpetual glimmer of hope. If the Eagles don’t win the NFC, I’ll be surprised.

I still need wrapping paper.

Mom and Dad are going to stay over @ my place on Thursday night, then we all travel together to MKE on Friday. I should try to have some food around the house or something when they get there.

Oh, another in my series of brief and minature holiday season movie reviews:
Ocean’s Twelve is spectacularly entertaining, despite having a markedly inferior script to the earlier film. As I said to Lorch and Wordell (and anyone else who asked) I could watch Steve Soderbergh direct this cast as these characters taking a two-hour Greyhound bus trip and be entertained. If you are looking for a good time @ the movies, give this one a shot.

If you have wireless internet on your handheld, did you know that my page renders beautifully?

I looked at my earnings statement from last week, thought about how much money the Feds have taken out all year long, and panicked thinking it didn’t seem like enough. I looked myself up on last year’s tax table, though, and figure to be in good shape. Getting the earned income credit again this year would kick ass. Unfortunately, I know just about nothing about how it works, and so I just write in the numbers that the lady on the telefile tells me to put in there, then I go “WHOO-HOO!” when I get a refund.

Petters has come to agree with me that when you’re a single guy looking for a nice single woman, two criteria you should shoot for are:
1) attractive
2) doctor and/or lawyer

OK, I guess that’s about it.

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