Good Day, and Welcome, To Day 12

First of all, check out this fantastically humorous story that I read off the AP wire.

Today I’m at work just until noon, which, y’know, is nice, with the, uh… all the work I have to do. I’m gonna go home later for the Classic Tidying-Up? Trifecta: laundry dishes floor. Should be fun; Mom and Dad are getting in at 8, so I also need to pick someplace to go for food after they arrive. Or I guess I could pick something up. I dunno. We’ll see. What do you think?

I told Knitt I would copy a CD for him and then I forgot to bring the damn thing to work today. Ah well. Maybe he’ll still be around when I get home from work later.

Not a lot to report today, other than wishes for the season, since it seems unlikely that I’ll blog again until 12/27… kinda wish I could come up with something substantial and important to say, but… might have to save those sentiments for the year-end recap.

Oh, I guess I do have two things:
1) I watched Alias for the first time last night (thanks to Knitt) and got kind of pissed when I realized that I once wrote a character that is basically just a middle-aged, male version of Sidney Bristow.

2) It was a couple years ago I filled out the NFL Playoff Tree week to week. Sorry that I offer no explanation/justification. At this point, I just let the season and history speak for me. Here’s what I’m thinking this year:

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