How About That Now

Hey check this out, eh? Back in full tiki effect.

Thanks to a visit from Joe Mundschau on Saturday, the groupware version of soloshootsfirst is totally operational again. That means you can see all the stuff in the archives, you can look at pictures, and I can blog easier. All these things good in my book.

And hey — you registered folk can post comments as well.

Today Joe and I took a ride to his sister’s place in Stevens Point to pick up a trailer and some furniture and stuff. It was a pretty painless trip, and now I’m watching this defensive struggle in Foxboro.

Last evening, we went out to dinner at Mario’s with the Poquettes and Karla. Karla’s birthday is today, so she, Joe, Knitt, and I went out to Peabody’s later on as well. We drank em out of Guinness and Knitt drank a ton of O.J. We had a good time overall.

Yee-hah, got the day off tomorrow, so I’m probably gonna end up doing laundry and some other ’round the house crap.

OK, off to put up some new pictures in the digital gallery…

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