Numbers Are FUN!

I think one of the things I like doing with the blog is watching the “Activity” rating go up w/ more postings and viewings. I kind of wonder what the formula is to make that number change. But I only wonder long enough to type that sentence. I honestly don’t care anymore.

You *have* to hear about Bryan Siebers’s car wreck. It is a tale too unbelieveable to be relayed 3rd-person. I will just give you the vital, “stay calm” details: his shitty Saturn was totaled, no one involved in the accident was seriously hurt (ie, not even any trips to the hospital).

I have recently become involved in some serious number-crunching projects @ work. While they keep a man busy and can be interesting from an investigation-skills standpoint, it quickly gets tiring to stare at numbers on the screen. So frequent breaks are in order.

I put up a new banner on the soloshootsfirst homepage, but you might not be able to see the image too clearly on a shitty monitor (like the one I have at work). I can see it just fine at home, so…

So yeah. Lemme know if something exciting happens.

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