I Win: 2-0

I won another 5 bucks from Knitt today when the Eagles covered a 10-point spread in the Super Bowl. I told people it would be a pretty good game, and for the most part, it was. Only thing was that by the time the whole business ended, it seemed that it should still be pretty early in the evening, and consequently, I don’t feel like sleeping at all.

Yesterday Joe & I made some beer. He picked up a turkey fryer at Farm & Fleet for 30 bones, which worked just marvelously for boiling the brew pot. Its effectiveness was 2-fold: didn’t have to cover the pot just to keep enough heat in there to stay boiling, and being as we were out in the garage, no mess to clean up in the kitchen afterwards.

Later on we went to Ambassador, and when we got home I watched a Charmed DVD while Joe fell asleep.

Before the game today, we went to Starbucks to get some coffee and do some homework. I wound up needing a couple more books, so there was also a trip to Barnes & Noble, and I picked up Best American Short Stories 2004 on an impulse.

Be back in Vegas on 2/7.

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