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Here’s just a random opening comment: I don’t know if it’s legal, but it’s definitely funny how there are some regular weekdays that the mailman just doesn’t show up at my building. I know what you’re saying: how do I know for sure he wasn’t here? I guess I don’t, but I take the fact that the outgoing mail that was here at 7:50 AM is still on the ledge combined with no mail for me today as a pretty clear sign.

I forgot where I parked again today. This is a growing problem for me. Usually, I park in the lot across Elmwood from the library, but sometimes if there’s no spots there, I have to go to the one on the south side of Kolf. Today marked the sixth work day in a row I walked to the wrong lot after work. I even had a reminder set up on my PDA (WHERE DID YOU PARK? just like that, in all caps) and that didn’t work at all. I suppose I’ll just have to live with the problem.

I was in lovely (and cold, and somewhat dreary) Bloomington, MN this weekend to visit my old comrade Josh Schneider. Josh lives in a townhouse with his girlfriend Terry and their two cats, which, thanks to some of Terry’s allergy meds, didn’t bother me at all. We hung out a bit like in Bruce Springsteen songs, also made a shopping voyage to IKEA and a couple other spots in the Twin Cities metro area.

On Saturday night, Josh and I met up with Greg Willis for dinner and then went back to his place to play Scene-It?. I also drank a bunch of bourbon and got pretty annoyed at Josh’s mad Scene-It? Skillz. Sunday morning, we met Tom Elko and his girlfriend Stephanie for breakfast @ Keys in Minneapolis.

Sunday afternoon, I arrived at Christy’s apartment in Menomonie, where I discovered that she had a number of unsecured wireless access points nearby, but also that her computer hadn’t worked since Christmas, so I have to work on that. She made dinner for us and her friend Janet, and we just sorta watched a movie while doing homework and stuff. I finally got back to Oshkosh after a full and entertaining weekend on Monday afternoon.

After lunch at work today, I was at the front desk and short on front desk-type work, so I decided to take a look at IMDB to see what movies I’m going to want to see in the next couple months. I took it a couple steps further and found 16 movies that I’m interested in seeing between this Friday and October 7. I’m sure there will be additions and subtractions to this list.

Be Cool – March 4
Sin City – April 1
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – April 29
Crash – April 29
Kingdom of Heaven – May 6
Revenge of the Sith – May 19
Mr. and Mrs. Smith – June 10
Batman Begins – June 17
War of the Worlds – July 1
Fantastic Four – July 8
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – July 15
Happy Endings – July 15
Elizabethtown – July 29
The Brothers Grimm – July 29
The Pink Panther – September 23
The Wallace & Gromit Movie: Curse of the Wererabbit – October 7

That’s all I’ve got for now, need to get some homework done.

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