An Evening of Observations

1. There was a guy in the computer lab where my class meets who left just a few minutes before we got started. He looked like Ashton Kutcher and was wearing a red t-shirt that had a “McShit” logo on the front.

2. Hot-With-Glasses? Girl is truly an enigma. She is hot with the glasses on, and only marginally attractive without.

3. There are times when Charlie should probably just admit that there’s not a lot to cover in a given week of class and say, “Ah, get out of here early…”

4. While keeping all my computers (except the server) off most of the time is saving on electricity, it’s certainly not helping me make sure I get all my shows taped.

5. I have earned the Giant Dumbass merit badge a number of times over. Thank goodness my prof picked up my PDA after I left it in class tonight.

6. Kids might say they don’t mind “group work,” in class, but the truth is that’s because they don’t get dick done during those sessions.

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