I Don't Have to Apologize for Anything

I’m in class at the moment, and I was thinking that I haven’t been blogging enough lately, but then I remembered that I’ve retired completely from apologizing for whatever I do on this site. You’re the one reading it. I could point to a whole ton of sites that aren’t updated as frequently as this one. Plus there are areas on soloshootsfirst where you can add your own content.

Eh, whatever.

I smell cigarettes.

I was glad to hear from the eHarmonizers, and they’ll let me out at the end of my current month. So I was glad of that. I’m going to keep working on that problem in real life. I’ve decided that looking online isn’t quite where I am yet. This is not to poo-poo anyone else who’s had success with interpersonal relationships online. eHarmony is, well, to be honest: it’s not fast enough for me. I don’t get the sort of info that I want fast enough, and that is really frustrating.

This ZIP file with my website is taking an agonizingly long time to upload to the class website. I think that’s because it’s full of bitmaps. Which was my bad. I’ll fix that on the next draft.

This weekend is Joe’s bachelor party. I hope I remembered to email everyone that needed emailing. I might not have. I’ll need to check.

I’m going to head home for now, but there will be more to come.

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