No Apologies II

This week for my internet class with Charlie Hill, we read a bunch of stuff about two primary topics (the relation of which is still a mystery to me): internet ‘addiction’ and the global phenomenon (and by ‘global’ we mean ‘United States’) of blogging.

I was only marginally disappointed to find out that, according to the best minds on the rhetoric of the internet that Charlie could dig up, I am blogging incorrectly/irresponsibly.

Apparently, I require an agenda, a strong political opinion, a high level of expertise on a given subject, a propensity to re-post already-published news articles, a membership in an online ‘community’ (gaming or otherwise), a campaign manager, a band, a talk show, a new hit movie, or a childhood acting career.

I have none of these things.

But, as has been documented in this space, what I do have is my very own server and the honest and true disposition that led to people blogging in the first place: a high-level desire to read my own words/listen to the sound of my voice.

I also have a video camera, and I know Charlie Sykes sure as hell doesn’t.

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