All Too Fast

I walked across the pedestrian mall between the side door of Dempsey and the library this morning to quickly return some overdue books.

I looked up at the overcast sky, solid white with clouds, but still blinding, and I noticed that all the leaves were on the trees.

I figure this must have happened at some point during my 2-week hiatus from most aspects of living, as I consumed myself with work for classes.

I had a minor epiphany as I looked at the trees, realizing that I marvel at the change of every season, every year, and I always note how the passage of time, while constant, seems to speed up in memory. N’ary a winter melts into spring, or a spring bloom into summer, or so on and so on, without me taking a moment to remark to myself how beautiful and refreshing each change is. I’ve seen the Earth cycle through so many times, but each new season feels like a rebirth, and in the same moment, I find comfort in the change and anxiety knowing it’s fleeting.

This summer, I think I’ll try to enjoy the (relatively) carefree weeks a little more. I should try to be inside less. I should go to the lake and do my writing outside. I should try to visit with people and build some good memories.

Hope to see you this summer; get out and into it while you can…

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