Going on Vacation

I’ve had a very nice extended weekend here in the greater Milwaukee area… all four screenings of Episode 3 were good (although, I have to admit that by the 6:20 show on Thursday, I was getting pretty tired, what with having slept just 3 hours the night before), I had a very relaxing and enjoyable Friday, my Saturday night was great, and now I just have to find a way to get back to Oshkosh.

Jen called me last night with her initial reactions to the movie and I was a little bummed that we couldn’t see it together on opening day like we have with the other two. But, I anticipate going another 2-4 times over the course of the summer, and I know Jen will want to see it again, too, so…

Christy also said it was really good, and she had to run out and rent Attack of the Clones to see the goings on in that movie (relative to the third) again. So I think that goes to support the notion that this new flick did such a great job of sewing up the events of the whole saga, it makes the less-than-spectacular episodes in the series better.

Enough about Star Wars I guess. I was sitting here for a bit at Joe’s computer, just surfing the web and not really reading anything of consequence, then all of a sudden I had this pang of paranoia where I tried to remember what it was I needed to be doing today: ‘OhmigoddoIhavetoreadsomethingforclassorwhatohcrapI’msupposedtobewritingI’mgonnafallbehinddammit,’

But then I remembered that it’s summer, and it’s all good.

Hope to be back soon…

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