Extended Weekends, Memorials, and Unofficial Observations

The FAO is a virtual graveyard today. Lots of folks I think have the 3-day weekend on the brain, and a good portion of them have slipped out early. I am one of four in the office today; eight are out.

It looks like it could be a helluva nice weekend, provided that the rain holds off. Yesterday was just gorgeous in the afternoon, so I took some photos. I should probably put them up here in case you’d like to have a look.

Right, so Memorial Day: not always that memorious, what with all the visits up north and the comings and goings and cursings and rantings on the highway, but y’know — it’s important to keep the reason behind the holiday in mind. I guess I didn’t realize that it started way back during the Civil War, so there’s a little trivia for ya. I think that, especially during these times when we have our servicemen & -women strewn across the globe risking their lives all the time, we should be seizing the opportunity to remember the people who made the ultimate sacrifice. For those who were fortunate enough to come home again and have since died, we should remind others of their great deeds and lift them to a special place in our minds and hearts this weekend.

So take care this weekend, have a good time with family and friends, and may your summer begin on an enjoyable note.

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