(Not to be confused with the Fred Savage show that was regrettably shuffled around the NBC lineup before being prematurely canceled.)

I should’ve written it down, because now I can’t remember how the conversation came about, or what the context was. I was talking with Mom last weekend about work, and how every job falls into one of two categories: you either have a sit-at-a-desk-job or you have a movin-around-job.

Most jobs are pretty boring unless you’re talking about them with people who do similar work, or understand the industry you work in. Occasionally, something really generally facinating might come up (like if you do medical research and you find a cure for cancer or something), but more often than not, when asked “how’s work?” a person could respond with “I’m still sitting,” or, “I’m still moving around,” or, “Well, I used to move around, but at my new job, I sit,” etc. In the grand scheme of things, that response will probably have just as much meaning to the person making the inquiry as something longer or more specific.

I will, in the near future, need some assistance in updating/revising/revamping my resume. I won’t be looking for a new job exactly, just one that’s almost the same as what I do now, but for more money. And insurance. Man — going the doctor would be super-neato. I would get allergy meds, and asthma meds, and checkups, and flu shots, and all kinds of cool stuff. Even better would be a dentist. I would get my teeth cleaned twice a year, and maybe I’d get those wisdom mothers yanked out. And maybe I’d even go get my eyes checked, too! I am totally like a car that you’ve owned for 5 years, and the only “maintainence” you’ve ever done is washing it and buying gas.

In other news, the heat/humidity wave in Osh Vegas has temporarily subsided. I have the windows open and the fans blowing, and it is a comfortable 74 degrees in the apartment…

This weekend I’ll be going up north again w/ Joe for the father’s day and whatnot. I’m trying to plan some other “up north” weekends for the rest of the summer, too…

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