Updates, Etc, and as Usual, I'm Not Sorry About Anything


It’s been a while, but cry me a river.

Today I’m at Jen & Joe’s, doing some heavy-duty document scanning.  Later on, I want to go to the baseball game, but I’m short on people with whom to do that.  We’ll see how it goes.

I am (sort of) actively compiling that list of my 50 all-time favorite records, and I’m sure you are as well.  Looking forward to comparing!

Ummm… lemme see, what can I do in terms of updating you?  Well, y’know that I’ve got another year of grad school left, and after that, things would pretty much be up in the air, right?  Well, I’ve got an application in for a full-time, permanent job at the Financial Aid office, where I’m working as a grad assistant right now, and if I landed that, it would (at least) cement plans for the next couple of years.  And it would also mean that I could go to the doctor, so that would be cool.  They still haven’t begun the interview process, and I have no idea where I rank against the other candidates, and I’m also terrible at interviewing, so I’m certainly not counting on anything yet.  We’ll see how it goes, and I’ll let you know…

I’ve been spending a lot of time this summer with a young woman that I met at Jen & Joe’s wedding back in April.  Her name’s Michelle.  We have a really good time together, and in this short span of a few months, I already have some interesting stories I could tell you.  So, y’know, basically just in case her name comes up here or in person in the future, you have some foreknowledge.

I haven’t done as much writing lately as I’d like, but I think I still have time to do another draft of my novella, ‘Timepiece,’ before the summer is over.  I’ve been doing some reading as well; right now I’m in the midst of the newest Harry Potter book.  Have you read it?  DON’T tell me how it ends or I’ll hate you.

Somewhat related to reading/writing, I’m also going to be the fiction editor of the Wisconsin Review this year, which I think is pretty neat.  It’ll be fun, a good chance for me to hone some ‘management’-type skills, and will probably look OK on a resume in the future.  For those that don’t know, Wisconsin Review is a literary magazine published at UWO.  It comes out twice a year.  I’ll let you all know…

That has to be it for now, I’m afraid.  The drivers for the scanner are done downloading and Joe is all "get moving on the scanning, eeehhh…"

So anyway.

Last thing, give me some feedback and/or discussion:
what’s with the space program and the fate of the shuttle as a launch vehicle?  Balls…

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