'Free' Time?

If you’ve been in touch with me over the last few months (and part of the problem here is, you probably haven’t), you know that the fall semester really stressed me out. Between the work and the two classes, and the Wisconsin Review, I had a lot on my plate and the grades will probably reflect my lack of time.

THAT BEING SAID: It’s over! Finished everything yesterday, and one way or another, y’know, the grades will come across, and it will have passed, and I’ll be a better and smarter person overall because of it.

This weekend, I’m in MKE for visiting w/ Michelle and some X-Mas? shopping as well. We’re going to go to the Bucks game later on, and that will be pretty cool, since I haven’t seen one yet this year. That team is pretty much kicking ass at this point; fun to watch, their bench is deep, they play hard, etc… One of the things that I’ve noticed is that they seem to have some things that have been lacking, even on the (relatively) good teams that they’ve had over the last 5-7 years or so — they actually rebound, and they play descent defense when they have to. It’s quite refreshing when you’re accustomed to just hoping the Bucks shoot well enough to out-gun their opponents.

But that’s enough about that. Like I said, gifts to buy and stuff like that, so I better ramble on and get to it.

Be watching in the next several days for a more comprehensive list of goods and services required for the New Year hoopla…

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