Up Nort Der Again Y'Hoser

Well at least they have the internet.

I’m in Eagle River to visit the folks and get some things done around the house in prep for Memorial Day weekend.

I cleaned out the chimney this morning, and now I’m at the coffee joint with the wifi access whilst I wait for some work to be finished on clothes that I’m taking back to the ‘Valley’ for Lorch’s wedding.

Which, good god, is only two weeks away.

Speaking of which, it’s going to be bloody outstanding to get out of Oshkosh for a few days. If you’ve talked to me in the last week or so, I probably mentioned being burned out at work. *sigh* Just really need some time off to re-group and get ready for the summer.

Later on in July, I’m taking a week off to either fly to L.A. or drive to Bozeman, so if you have a particular opinion on that one way or the other, lemme have it.

Meanwhile, there will be an email going out to the Bock folk in a couple days about a Brewers outing, so watch for that.

Did anybody see that Mission Impossible flick last night? I was just wondering if any spaceships that looked like DC-8s were featured at some point…

Other than that, I’m going to read the paper now.

PS- I turned on some more features on the site, if you feel like messing around with em a little, I’d be mildly interested to hear what you think.

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