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I dunno why Josh had such foreboding cautions in regard to the Atlanta airport. To me, it seems like lots and lots of other airports that I’ve been to– and this one is better than some; at least you can get food and beverage behind security…

Right now, it’s about 2:20 eastern, and I’m waiting for Wordy to get here from L.A. I took a walk down to the gate where our flight is leaving for Fort Myers a little later in an effort to get seat re-assignments so’s we can sit together on the way there. But of course, no one was at the counter yet. I guess it can wait.

Something that won’t be able to wait much longer is my need to pee. But before that, I leave you with my Top Five Favorite Airports That I’ve Actually Been To…

1. Minneapolis/Saint Paul: unparalleled options for commerce while waiting for your connecting flight, and good accomidations overall.
2. Milwaukee: Maybe it’s just from familiarity, but it’s relatively small, simple to get around, and also good services, etc, within
3. Denver: Really, really long and straight, but a lot to do, and lots of windows to see out
4. Chicago-O’Hare: I definitely don’t remember disliking O’Hare for any reason. It’s frickin huge, though.
5. Bozeman, Montana: 5 gates, 1 restaurant, lots of breathing room. Nuff said.

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