What Did YOU think of X3?

Went to a midnight showing of the new X-Men? movie, kind of on a whim.

I put in a brief review on IMDB, which is something I never do. Here’s what I had to say:
I give it a ‘3’ out of 10 for the effects and exciting fight scenes. Other than that, I don’t remember ever having seen a movie before where all the meaningful dialogue and plot points were able to be condensed within the trailer. That’s what this movie was — a 104-minute trailer that lacked any significant story, character development, or dramatic elements.

The new (or sometimes newly involved) characters could not have been any flatter if they were penciled on a 4-panel comic book page. A story that, at the start, seemed like it would evoke some thought on racism and human rights (in the X-Men? tradition) literarly went up in a puff of ash and degenerated into an excuse for the final throw-down between Magneto’s ‘brotherhood’ and the NeXt-Men?. If they make another one, I really hope Bryan Singer Returns; he seems to have a much firmer grip on what these people can be about.

… My judgement– if you’re a fan, you’ll probably feel you need to see, but I wouldn’t waste 8 bucks on it.

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