I’m in Door County right now at a conference for work… it’s nice to be outta the office and stuff, but also no complaints about the quality of the material we’re covering; it’s a “leadership” retreat, and I’ve gained some useful knowledge today. Just hoping I can make use of it back in the office.

In other news, it’s good to see the Crew string a couple wins together. If they can just win 9 or 11 more in a row, they’ll be back where they shoulda-woulda-coulda been if they hadn’t suct so much over the past week or so.

Oh, and speaking of that (this is pretty cool), Devin called me and his cousin got drafted by the Brewers.

I’ll be up in MI over the weekend for Joey & April’s wedding. I realized yesterday that I still don’t really have clothes to wear. I’m gonna have to do some emergency shopping when I get back home on Thursday.

Ah crap, bout time for dinner, so I better jet.

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