Some Tips for the Daily Grind

Being an avid reader of Curly Tales of War Pigs, I got myself subscribed to the ‘Advice of the Day’ RSS feed from the Old Farmers’ Almanac (or is it ‘farmer’s’?) quite some time ago. There’s some good advice in there some days, and some downright hilarious advice some others.

Well, I thought I would just toss together a list of things that you can maybe just chew on, ponder, think about, etc., derived from my own experience or observation.

Tape a firecracker to it
Throw a firecracker in it
Tell a kid that you’re gonna do something, then not do it
Take a nap at work (when you’re not on lunch)
Make out at work
Stack books higher than you can see over
Assume you dropped the class
Carry a 32″ TV by yourself
Trust the woman on the phone at the cable company
Just charge it
Bleach your jeans with toothpaste
Climb the ladder when it *seems* like it might be safe…
Take the back cover off the TV while you’re watching it
Eat popcorn while your case is open

I’ll try to think of some things that are good to do, too. Or feel free to share your own.

I’m going to keep packing for my trip now.

I love you.


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