Nice to be back in ‘Big Sky Country.’ I bought a keychain at the Flying J in Billings, and commented to the cashier, “Ah, yes– prices as marked. I have missed Montana.”

So we got in to our hotel at about 11:15 MDT. The place that we’re staying is called The Imperial Inn. It is in downtown Bozeman. It is cheap, and it looks like it, too. We’ll have to take some photos of the room before we leave tomorrow so you can get a sense of how we’re ‘roughin it.’

Have a bunch of photos from the Badlands that I want to put up on the site. I will probably have time to do that later on. Right now, I’m waiting for Michelle to finish up in the bathroom, then we’re going to get breakfast, do some laundry, go shopping, and mill around the campus at MSU. I still need to call the Wolffs, too.

We’ll be sleeping in Bozeman again tonight, then tomorrow we head out for Yellowstone.

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