I Gotta Quit This

I’m up watching the History channel half the night again. This is a problem for me nearly on par with Schneider’s MySpace? obsession.

I started out with the Brewers earlier, but when it got to 5-0, I decided to switch over. Right now, there’s a show on History about the development of ice cream. I wonder if some earlier incarnation of myself would kick the current me in the face for being such a TV-watchin hump.

Damn TV.

So then I had this other problem on my trip, and, I guess if I think about it, a little earlier, too, where my phone won’t hold a damn charge. I took Mundschau’s advice and checked the Internets for a recall on the battery, but didn’t find one.

I went ahead and found a new one on ebay for 9 bucks. I guess 9 bucks isn’t terrible. But still. The funny part is that the battery I have isn’t even the original one. I swapped batteries with Jen once behind her back when hers was charged up and mine wasn’t, and I needed to make a call. That was like, eh, more than a year ago. I think it was at the rehearsal dinner for their wedding, actually…

But that’s something I did this evening.

I can’t even flipping imagine what my electric bill is going to look like this month. Can you BELIEVE how hot it’s been? Damn. Damn, damn, damn. How can a person even enjoy the fair when it’s so hot?

It’s 8-2 now. What a crock. 2 freaking runs. The Crew is gonna get killed over the weekend in Saint Louis. Mark my words. Killed.

I really don’t like this Kevin Mench chump. I mean, if they’re gonna get rid of Carlos AND Nelson Cruz, at least put Corey Hart or Tony Gwynn out there every day or something. If JJ Hardy was healthy, shit– I’d say Billy Hall could play every day in the outfield.

Anyway, the Crew’s down to their last out, and I should probably get to bed.

Hope you enjoyed the vacation pics.

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