A Monday-Feeling Thursday

I had a lot going on today, but even still, I found the back of my mind busy with figuring out how some of my co-workers’ jobs could be eliminated. Does that make me sound mean?

The server was up and down sporadically throughout the day. I wondered why, but didn’t do anything to rectify it.


Tuesday night, after Michelle’s grandma’s wake, we stopped at Nice Ash for a drink before heading home. I thought about calling Mundschau as soon as we got there, but as it turned out, he had beat us in. He bought us a few drinks, so that was nice. Made the evening a little less stressful, I think.

Thanks on behalf of Michelle to everyone who sent the prayers/wishes/regards… I think that, as one would expect, this will be an adjustment for the whole family, but they’ll get through it with support. Again, thanks to you for that.

In sunnier news… shit. I’ve got nothing. I really need to graduate. Bad, man. Real bad.

Maybe I should go to the doctor. Just for fun.

Michelle is coming up tomorrow night so we can go with Joe & April and a couple of their friends to the hibachi in Appleton. I’m looking forward to that.

Meanwhile, I’m anxious for the Brewers to be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs so that all the chumps and hosers holding a candle for this team will get a grip on reality.

Oh, but—do you wanna go to a game before the end of the season?

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