So I had a ticket to the Brewers game tonight. I didn’t go, but I had a ticket…

Lorch didn’t have a chance AGAIN to use his free BP ticket, so he was nice enough to let me have it instead. I was planning to drive down after work, and even nearly had the K-Man join me, but then at the end of the day, I just got caught up in making phone calls back to kids at work, and before I knew it, it was 5:45 and too late for me to make the game.


So I wound up doing some laundry instead. And it was a pisser, because it seems like I missed a helluva contest. Ah, well.

Not a lot else new to report today; I started looking at job listings at some Milwaukee-area colleges and universities this afternoon. This is not to say that I’m immediately planning on changing jobs and moving again, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to keep one’s resume sharp and know what’s out there. I decided that if I send the applications to a couple of these openings, my goal will be to get an interview. (shrugs) I don’t even know that I can do that… God knows the last time I really had to look hard for a job, it was not an easy proposition.

Yep, OK. Gonna go to bed early. Wanna get up early, too. Here’s hoping the Brewers can rip off about 6 or 7 or 8 wins in a row (haha, whatever).

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