Senator Coffee (?)

… I was trying to think of a title better than “Mr.” for Mr. Coffee. I was going to go with “Dr.”, but that seemed too easy.

I got a new coffeemaker yesterday. It’s pretty sweet. I decided I wanted to start over in my coffee life with something that was clean, neat, and in which I would only use filtered water.

Oh yeah, I got one of them water filter pitchers, too. I was actually kinda surprised how much better it makes the Oshkosh water taste. So like I was saying, this is my new plan. Better tasting water, better tasting coffee, carafe that I can’t possibly break, but which could conceivably break Wordy’s skull (if you hit him hard enough). And it’s definitely working so far…

My working Friday was decent, btw. Had some time to get things done besides see or call students back, so it was a nice reprieve.

In the evening on Friday, I was going to do some laundry, but I got started on that pretty late, and I wound up just sorting, going on a little shopping trip, talking to Josh on the phone, and doing dishes. Helluva start to the weekend.

Speaking of Josh, he predicts a larger number of the NFL games each Thursday. But me, I’m still only concerned about the Packers (and just mildly so), so that’s the only predicition you’re going to get. I say it’s going to be Green Bay 10, New Orleans 17.

Back to this surprisingly good-tasting coffee…

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